Everest Fleet

Driving forward with focus

Our milestone was clear-cut: elevate asset utilization from 40% to an impressive 80%, establishing a robust foundation from the outset. We introduced a level of professionalism into an industry previously uncharted, adeptly steering toward structured efficiency. Each vehicle under our management, every mile it travels, embodies our guiding principle: Efficiency in tandem with Frugality—a philosophy seamlessly woven into all that we do. 

Cultivating synergies for enduring growth

Just as roads weave a network, enterprises flourish on bonds of trust. Loyalty blooms when partners share wins, with growth spaces. We foster internal growth, and our operational team consists of trailblazers turned pilots of progress.
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Aerial view of intercity road with fast driving cars between autumn forest trees at sunset. Top view from drone of highway traffic in evening.

Visioning a new route

Our roadmap sets industry benchmarks – quality, innovation, support, sustainability. A team in tune, setting standards exceeding expectations.

Purpose-driven core

At Everest Fleet we are all about Mobility In Action. Our purpose is to harness our expertise in transporting people and goods, powering change in how they move, driving positive impact across lives of our drivers, partners and employees. 

We seek to benefit drivers and partners alike. Our roots are anchored in solving for what’s vital for our target audiences, fuelled by an innate sense of creating positive
impact across communities, and a culture of taking initiative.

As the road unfolds, Everest Fleet drives change.

Our values


Being passionate about what we do, taking accountability for all actions and results. Boldly pushing the limits on what’s possible, showing initiative to create a difference.


Ever-focussed on being attentive to the safety of our driver partners, their end-customers and our clients. Mobility must be safe for all travellers.


With a culture of inclusion, mutual trust and mutual respect, we enable all our drivers, internal teams and clients to do better and do more.


Striving for excellence with rigour, always look for ways to be more productive, efficient, innovative and sustainable, positioning the company for success.


Fostering a culture of empathy, to ensure we are always solving for what’s vital. Always focussed on the needs of our customers, teams, communities and environment.


Co-creating and collaborating, we work with our teams to solve real problems, driving our collective energy towards the greater good.


Being honest, constructive and open to all views. Conducting our business with integrity, transparency, and ethical behaviour.

Reward and recognition

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