Masroor Ahamad Ghosi

Achievements : 26 years old who has 11 members in his family, had to leave his home to upkeep his family needs. He managed the fund by selling his two buffalos & went to Saudi in Nov 2018. He came back to India in Dec 2018 as he did not find right job as it was promised by his agent & decided to stay at Mumbai and started searching for the job. He got to know about Everest & joined on 15th Jan 2019 as driver. Considering his honesty & enthusiasm towards organisation we offered him the Job of Biker. We reviewed his performance and in the six months of observation we saw his dedication toward his duty, and promoted him to the rank of Auditor. As we grew, Uber requested us to start in-house Uber training which we accepted & started searching for the right candidates internally. Post review & feedback from department’s heads, we found Masroor Ghosi as right match for the post & promoted him from Auditor to Everest Trainer. There was an immediate requirement in Operation department for the post of DM (Driver’s Manager) in Dec 2020, management decided to assign this role to Masroor as his capability to learn the processes & execute it as desired is extremely good. Considering his performance & as vacancy arises, company hired his one younger brother as biker & 2nd brother as DM (Driver’s Manager) in leasing department. Presently, he along with his brothers is a happy Employee of the Everest.

Date of Birth :  05 June 1995

Date of joining : 15th Jan 2019

Permanent Address : Mohalla Chawani Nagar Panchayat Dostpur  Dewapur, Sultanpur, Dostpur Utter Pradesh – 228131

Current Address : Anna Nagar, Cross Road, Near A.K.D.V.S Hall, Dharavi, Mumbai- 400017

Family Members : Parents, 4 brothers & 5 sisters


Registered Office Address

 1, C-105, Mhatre Pen Industrial CHS Wing B, Senapati Bapat Marg, Dadar West, Mumbai, Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400028

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