Hazmat Ulla

Achievement : 23 years old young boy from Amethi, UP who had a dream to build a cemented house, liability to arrange the fund for his two elder sister’s marriage & thought to provide quality life for his aging mother but has only one skill that was driving.  He started searching for the Job to meet his above requirements & got the opportunity to drive the car of a local renowned politician on remuneration of Rupees 5 to 6K per month but was not happy with the pay out as it was not matching his needs. One day, he got to know about us (Everest Travels) from the Security head of Noor Mohammad that with the same skill he can earn approx. 25 K to 30 K monthly in Mumbai. He decided to come to Mumbai but was afraid of the place, people & culture of the Mumbai as he has never come out of his city.

He along with security head came to Mumbai, met the management & joined as pilot( driver )& started living in Everest Accommodation at Chunabhatti. Considering his concerns, DM’s extended their extra support for all the help he needed to run on the roads of the Mumbai. In last two years, while working with us, he built a cemented house at his village, completed his responsibility of getting his sister married & earned quality food for his family (Mother & Sister). Now, Hasmat is known as an ideal son in his village and have motivated many skilled unemployed youths to come & join Everest . Currently approx. 15 drivers of his reference are working with us.

Date of Birth : 13.04 1998

Address : Guwawa Gauriganj Amethi UP 227409

Date of Joining :  28-05-2019,

Occupation : Driving

Family Members : Mother, Elder Brother, 2 Elder sisters

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 1, C-105, Mhatre Pen Industrial CHS Wing B, Senapati Bapat Marg, Dadar West, Mumbai, Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400028

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