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Q. How many trips in a day can an Uber driver do?

A. Average 8 trips a day

Q. What if we are caught by a traffic police?

A. Driver has to pay the fine.

Q.What if driver does not pick up trips

A.HE is penalized Rs 500 below 85% acceptance rate.  Acceptance rate is no of trips received vs no of trips picked.

Q. How should a driver act in case of repair or car breakdown

A. Driver should coordinate with repair executive and follow the instruction. NOS available on dashboard

Q. How should he reach on car puncture while on road?

A. Driver should change the stepony and repair the puncture tyre on approval

Q. What are the shift timings?

A. Car runs in 2 shifts, 12am to 12pm and onwards.

Q When can driver used destination?

A. Driver is supposed to use the home option post 10 o clock for their respective shifts.

Q. What should a driver do in case of more than 3 puncture in a tyre.

A. Should put a tube after taking approvals from team.

Q. Where should the driver change the car?

A. Driver will be tagged with the partner/reliver residing nearby, accordingly he has to follow team’s instruction for changing.

Q. Will company give us cash to fill CNG?

A. NO, driver has to manage form cash collected from customer while driving.

Q. How should we submit CNG or fuel bills?

A. Driver has to upload bills on VISTA app (designed by company)

Q. What KYCs are required at the time of joining?

A. Aadhar card, Pan card, DL.

Q. Who will create our Uber ids?

A. Everest Fleet Pvt Ltd will assist in creating Uber ids.

Q. How long is the Id creation process?

A. It generally takes 4-5 days to process

Q. Will I get company accommodation?

A. Yes, On COT sharing basis

Q. How long can I stay in the Company accommodation?

A. Till your employment tenure with the company

Q. Will I get food or any other facilities?

A. No other facilities other than company accommodation.

Q. Will we get any furniture and fixtures in the house provided?

A. No additional furniture or fixtures other than available in the room

Q. Will the drivers get any kind of orientation or training before starting?

A. Yes, a short training of around 30 to 45 mins, giving details of Uber app and ET

Q. Will the drivers get any kind of support post training?

A. Yes, we have a trained and qualified team to solve their queries and support them

Q. Will company provide us the device| mobile for using Uber application?

A. Yes

Q. What if the device is lost or stolen?

A. If the device is lost or stolen it is debited from the driver.

Q. How will driver’s salary or payout be credited to drivers.

A. Drivers will get payouts on monthly basis, credited directly to bank account.

Q. What should a driver do with cash collected from customer?

A. Driver will keep the cash with himself and use it for filling CNG, fuel and toll.

Q. What if there is an issue with charger or USB?

A. There are multiple possibilities of issues here like USB, Mobile device, Car socket, Battery, Charger. Once the issue identified driver can coordinate with the support team and react as per instruction provided.

Q. How many leave can a driver take in a month?

A. Driver can ideally take 4 leaves a month, leaves will be mutually decided by team and driver.

Q. What is the procedure in case of emergency leave?

A. In case of any emergency leave driver has to inform the team before the shifts starts, or else will attract Rs 1000 penalty

Q. What should a driver do if the customer refuses to pay his fare?

A. Collecting exact fare from customers is drivers core responsibility, however failing to do so driver can raise a complaint with uber team will assist him in doing so.

Q. What should driver do if the partner is not reachable or not answering??

A. Driver should wait till 11:30 for the reliver to respond. In case he is still unable to reach. He should call the team and follow instruction

Q. What if a driver does not have bank account?

A. Driver can create one before he receives his first payment, or else company will assist him in creating a new account

Q. What should a diver do for any kind of payment issue?

A. Driver can see its weekly statement on VISTA app. Further in case of query he can try and resolve it over a call with concerned authority. Problem still persist he can visit the office and get it resolved

Q. Who will pay the road tolls?

A. Driver has to pay on customers behalf. Driver has to pay Airport and Sea link tolls for others car has a toll tag.

Q. Can driver cancel trip?

A. Driver can only cancel a trip after reaching to the pickup location and customers does not turn up.

Q. If a driver requires any kind of support for payments, is he eligible?

A. Company does not have any interim mode of payments and also no advance policy

Q. If a driver is not aware of roads, what should he do?

A. Driver will have to use Google maps while driving uber for pick up and drop facility.

Q. What if the driver meets with an accident while driving?

A. Driver is expected to resolve it by himself and get the car to the garage. Car will be repaired under insurance and nominal amount of Rs 1000 will be debited to driver.

Q. In case of car breakdown while driving?

A. Team will help in arranging a towing van, driver is expected to wait and accompany the van till garage and pay the towing amount, which later will be reimbursed

Q. What is the driver expected to do at the time of change over?

A. Driver is expected to review al the audit parameters oriented him at the time of training and follow it at the time of changing via VISTA app

Q. What is the driver expected to do at the time of change over?

A. Driver is expected to review al the audit parameters oriented him at the time of training and follow it at the time of changing via VISTA app

Q. Why will the driver pay RTO fine if the car documents are incomplete?

A. Driver is supposed to ensure that he starts the car after checking everything in car. Any negligence is drivers responsibly.

Q. What if the driver uses the car for personal use?

A. Driver will be debited for any kind of vehicle misuse or misconduct or tempering with CNG bills. Company can also put his payouts on hold.